Our Story

Our city is home to a treasure trove of visual & performing artists, established art-related organizations, five active fine art guilds, an international film festival, and several renowned performance venues.

In 2016, the Goshen Arts Council was founded and made possible by the support of the Live Work Play Grant through the Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau. Today, finding our city's art assets has never been easier.


Want to connect with other local artists around the city? We’re home to over 100 privately owned & operated artist studios. Around here making the art is the easy part.


Looking to join a guild, find out what’s happening any night of the week or, maybe, you’re just looking for a local Artist Meet Up? We’ll get you sorted out.


Need to update your product photography, website, or up your social media game? Reach out.

Get to know us

Meet the council members

Board Chair

Joni Earl

Joni Earl is a founding member of the Arts council since September 2016.

Board Member

Anna Weibe

Art matters. Why? Because it is part of the lifeblood of a community; connecting, sustaining and giving voice to diverse perspectives and experiences.

Board Member

Marcia Yost

The arts are an incredibly important part of this community. I would go as far as to say the arts have brought this community to life in colorful and vibrant ways. The arts are a sustaining factor that helps Goshen live into its best vision of diversity and community. Because I believe in Goshen and the power of the arts to connect us as a community, I serve on the Goshen Arts Council.

Board Member

Brian Whirledge

Brian Whirledge has been serving as a board member to the Arts Council since May 2018.

Board Member

Jerry Lapp

The individual artist finds voice, uses voice, and finds connection through that voice, with other members of the human community. In so doing, artists embrace, encourage, challenge, and entertain those who receive. In that space, a reciprocation of opportunity creates avenues for all our lives to be enhanced and thus, a community life greatly enriched is a place to call home.

Board Member

Josh Cooper

My name is Josh Cooper. I am an abstract artist working out of Goshen. I joined the Goshen Arts Council to get more involved while helping others to get out there and explore their artistic side. Arts for me are a wonderful way to deal with the daily emotions of life while also making the world a brighter more vibrant place.

Board Member

Kathy Stiffney

As an artist, Painters' Guild member and downtown studio and gallery owner I experience the importance of having resources that help the arts thrive. The Goshen Arts Council seeks to provide networking support and exposure for artist to our local community and beyond. For that I am grateful!

Board Member

Kelly Avila

I’ve considered myself a “Goshenite” for fifteen years. In that time, I’ve enjoyed its progression into what it is now: a hub of arts, culture and unique entertainment. I joined the arts council to advocate for youth art and to help my daughter find outlets for her creativity. I love the council’s vision for Goshen’s future and am excited to be a part of it.

Board Member

Rafael Chavez

Rafael Chavez is a founding member of the Arts Council since September 2016.

Board Member

Sunday Mahaja

I am a graduate of art from Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana. I enjoy exploring every aspect of art. My artwork reflects African culture and lifestyle. I work primarily with found metals and upcycled materials, and for the most part, my work tends to hold beauty alongside with humor and functionality.

Board Member

Zach Tate

Zach Tate has been serving as a board member to the Arts Council since September 2018.